“I love that I get to document history, that the world can hear an artist through my ears.
~ Jim Kaufman

Jim Kaufman

Santa Monica, CA

With a background as both a multi instrumentalist and songwriter, Jim began his music industry career leading one of the early millennium’s most influential post industrial rock bands, Opiate For The Masses. Armed with an in-depth understanding of what it takes to deliver both on the stage and in the recording studio, Jim took his early training by Nine Inch Nails “Downward Spiral” era member/Saw film franchise composer Charlie Clouser to the next level after being a part of Helmet’s production team all before the age of 21, by expanding outside the world of alternative rock and forging ahead into genres diverse as Alternative, Country, and Hip Hop.
These days Jim owns his own recording facility in Santa Monica, now enthusiastically also includes the role of Mixing to his many services offered to clients which currently include Finish Ticket (whom Jim is guiding soon to completion on their highly anticipated new album as both their Producer and Mixer). Over the years while Jim honed his unique skills, he has developed long lasting and trusted relationships with a variety of artists and built a team around him including his long time manger, Andrew Brightman (www.brightmanmusic.com). Jim loves true artist development and is a founding partner in Nashville’s Song Factory whom discovered and developed Country Music modern music hit makers Jon Pardi, Dustin Lynch, Ashley McBride.
Recently Jim has led the production on projects by Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexadria), The Black Moods, Anwar Hadid, Night Riots, Beware of Darkness, Them Evils and Anti- Flag amongst many others. Jim’s new record label (KLG) first signing is a Reggae album by Jordan Peele’s “Us” alum Nathan Harrington.