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Danny Worsnop

Danny Robert Worsnop (born 4 September 1990) is an English musician. He is a newly solo artist releasing music ranging from the feel of blues rock to melodic country and was most recently the lead vocalist of hard rock band We Are Harlot and former lead singer of metalcore band Asking Alexandria. He has worked with artists such as I See Stars, With One Last Breath, Breathe Carolina and Memphis May Fire providing guest vocals on several songs. He is also in the process of writing an autobiography, as well as releasing a solo album called The Long Road Home which will be released later on this year and was recently featured in the film Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival.

Worsnop is to be releasing a solo album, however since announcement in 2011 he had only released a 50-second clip of the song Photograph via YouTube. In an interview with Artisan News Service Danny has said that he is expecting to release the album by Easter of 2014.In a Facebook post on 20 December 2013, he also stated that he is working with producer Jay Ruston, and that the album would be released through Sumerian Records, however this is not the case after his announcements in 2016.

In September 2015 in an interview with Altpress he stated that he was in the middle of recording his album, and that was doing so with country and blues music in mind, stating that he was a country boy when he grew up in England. He has also worked with songwriters Hillary Lindsey and John Paul White, and is also working with producer Jim Kaufman. He also stated that his solo project will include music videos and hopes it will be a success, however admitted that there are no plans to tour per se. In early December Worsnop officially announced that his debut solo album will in fact be released in 2016, and gave insight on the albums lyrical and musical influences, such as the fact that the album will include his past dealings with drugs, alcoholism, and his rehabilitation along with his other “dark demons”.

He goes on to say that he wrote the album intensely in a week and recorded the whole album live and raw in his Kaufman’s living room, he also funded the project himself and oversaw every single aspect of the albums making, including its artwork of which he created and the music videos which he had written and directed himself, the album’s recording officially ended in early February. Later the same month he released an album cover and the albums title, “The Prozac Sessions” and stated that he was in Nashville to find a label to release the album on. He also mentioned that there will be four variations of the album’s artwork and possibly variations of bonus tracks to accommodate them. In early March Worsnop unveiled a series of song teasers and all four album covers on his website, and stated on his social media that he will be announcing debut live performances soon.

The first single released off of the album was ‘I Got Bones’ in early April 2016, and was accompanied by a music video. The song itself is considered to be mostly country with blues mixed in, with Worsnop’s vocals delivering some more powerful moments. Along with the single release the album itself became available for preorder.