“Watching an artist grow as a musician and/or songwriter, capturing his or her body of work,
documenting a piece of history. If I can influence that and the world can hear that artist through
my ears, then I’ll feel like I’ve done something truly great in music.
That’s what I strive for.” – Jim Kaufman, Producer.

Innovative in his audio journalistic approach to production; Jim Kaufman’s mastery lies within the detail-oriented creation of sonic storylinse that captivate listeners one song at a time. A renowned producer, composer, mastering engineer, and entrepreneur; Jim Kaufman maintains studios in both Los Angeles, California and Sedona, Arizona, and also co-owns The Song Factory in Nashville Tennessee. The Song Factory proudly holds the #1 spot in Country radio with Eric Paslay’s hit single “Friday Night.”

With a multi-instrumentalist background colored by experiences in almost every imaginable aspect of the music industry; Jim Kaufman capapulted from playing piano at the age of 5 to studying music theory at the New School for the Arts and Academics to composing film scores, developing artists and producing hit songs. Kaufman’s songwriting and production credits run the gamut of musical genres. Current projects include work with Arizona eclectic rockets The Black Moods, active country outfit Lansdowne, singer/songwriter Clark Graham and rap phenom Hyro Da Hero. Extracting and enhancing the careers of the best and brightest out of a plethora of underwhelming acts takes not only time, but skilled precision in artist selection and development. “As a producer, my jo is to create longevity for an artist, not to just produce a hit or a single record,” Kaufman says of his proven approach to cultivate artists and maximizing their recording potential. “The way tI do that is to understand who they are at their core. It’s about showing them to their audience in their purest form.”

Alongside his steadfast team including manager Andrew Brightman and lawyer Eric German, producer Jim Kaufman manifests all talents to provide dedicated services in true interest of doing what’s right for the artist.